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Leadership & Rock & Roll Workshop will:

  • —Allow you to become more in touch with your own perspectives on leadership.

  • —Create your personal mission, make explicit your moral code, and identify quotes to live by.

  • —Answer the question “what is my personal leadership intent and philosophy?”

  • —Identify areas within your life where you can “flex your leadership muscle”, establish a plan and create action items to do so.


Session Objectives:

  • —Gain a clearer understanding of personal values and mission regarding leadership.

  • —Identify key areas in your life where leadership can be practiced.

  • —Begin to think about and establish your personal “key leadership characteristics”.

"Fun, fantastic and informative! Leadership & Rock & Roll provides clear tips and ideas for becoming an effective leader. Through personal stories and unexpected scenarios, Bratkovic describes the winning moments that one can either shine or fizzle as a leader. A perfect book to read if you are short on time."

Kacie Walters, Communication & Collaboration Professional, Northern Trust