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Structured as an active workshop – participants will learn the following skills and practice:

  • Definition of a Coach and Coaching Model

  • Trust

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Conversational Capacity

  • Three types of coaching conversations

We help leaders and their teams become more effective with communication and teamwork.  How do we do this?  We help teams establish trust through the use of candor and curiosity, even in the most difficult of conversations.  We help leaders understand their personal insights and strengths to effectively accomplish this.  

This path will help you identify the communication challenges in you organization and learn how to improve it with effective communication techniques.
  • Become more aware of filters and non-verbals operating in your communication exchanges.

  • Understand the value of communicating concretely and choosing the best channel.

  • Understand how active listening can improve your communication effectiveness and your relationships.

  • Be able to identify the three states of active listening.


Develop skills that help teams, departments, and projects work smarter, faster, and together under pressure. 

  • Understand and define Conversational Capacity.

  • Understand minimizing and winning tendencies.

  • Learn the awareness, mindset and skill set model.

  • Learn what triggers pull you out of the “sweet spot”.

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Learn how delegation and motivation can empower your employees and company by...

  • Recognizing your own barriers to delegating.

  • Determining what (and what not) to delegate.

  • Creating a plan to delegate at least one task next week.

  • Understanding some basic motivational concepts.

  • Learning 8 ways leaders can motivate beyond money.


In this sesssion, you will underestand the definition of and the history behind diversity includions, as well as:

  • The meaning of stereotypes and biases, how they develop, and the reasons for your own perspectives.

  • The thoughts and ideas for removing barriers to encouraging diversity for yourself, in the workplace, and in the social community.

  • Clarifiying the ways to encourage diversity in the workplace, and prevent and discourage discrimination.


In this session, you will gain a clear understanding of the different generations in the workplace and how they can compliment one another to success:

  • Understand the similarities and differences of each generations.

  • Gain some knowledge and competence in managing the different generations based on their needs.

  • Learn ways to attract and motivate each generation.


In this session, you will learn tools & techniques to help manage tough people problems.

  • Know what to do beyond coaching to handle and document performance problems. 

  • Understand your responsibility to confront problems directly and promptly. 

  • Know how to fire someone appropriately. 

  • Know different ways to resolve conflict:  when each might be most effective, what your natural tendency is. 

  • Feel that being assertive can help you achieve your outcomes without damaging other people.


In this session, you wil be given the skills and techniques to successful hire the right fit for your culture and business needs.  Learn how to...

  • Plan and conduct your interview.

  • Understand which technical skills are needed to interview.

  • Identify interpersonal competencies and what’s important.

  • Truly understand your culture fit to understand how candidates will succeed.