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Our Leadership Rock Star Kit can increase your leadership team’s productivity by 10% or more.


What would this do to overall employee productivity?


How would this affect employee satisfaction?


How would this impact your bottom line?

Our Leadership Rock Star Kit will provide you and your company with key components to create a

Rock. Star. Leadership. Team.

Assess your culture using our

Culture Measures product                                                           

Provide personality insights

for your leadership team* using

PREP system

Teach your leaders

Conversational Capacity

your leadership team with data and recommendations on increasing your culture capabilities and make it more intentional.

for increased individual and team effectiveness.


a skill to ensure more productive results when working through tough problems and solving real business issues.

KIS will provide tangible results through this Leadership Rock Star Kit

within a 30-day* time frame for $10,000.

* up to 10 members of your leadership team; 30-day clock starts upon release of culture assessment survey; pricing does not include travel expenses, if required.